Behind the Scenes with: Rob Yaskovic

Pete McDonald:

Rob and I have collaborated a few times and have plans in the works for a few more, so I enjoyed the read here on Stalking the Seam. Thanks, too, for the mention Rob.

Originally posted on Stalking The Seam:

As a father of four, passionate angler, and incredibly talented photographer, Rob Yaskovic is the kind of guy we admire. He gets big points for raising four children. But it’s Rob’s creative vision behind the lens that first captured our attention. Photography has been Rob’s passion since he was a teenager and he has honed his craft ever since. Based in New Jersey his resume is impressive, including shoots with celebrities and politicians, work in the New York Times, and images in pretty much any fishing rag you want to read. Rob was generous enough to answer a few questions and share his work with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do:

The man himself…Rob Yaskovic

STS: It sounds like photography is your passion and your profession, can you give us some background on how that evolved. Where does fishing fit in? How did you make the leap from wedding and…

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with: Rob Yaskovic”

  1. never met him but I enjoy following his work. Never heard a a bad word about the man expect this: “sweet Van Gogh beard brah”

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