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Landing Striped Bass In A Muskie Cradle

My colleague John Page Williams, who works for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, is also involved in the Maryland CCA. He turned me on to Careful Catch Maryland, which is promoting the use of catch cradles used by muskie anglers to keep big bass in the water during release.

The science behind it is that the less a fish is handled on release, and the less time it spends out of water, the more likely it is to survive.

Check out this scientific paper on catch and release mortality, and how your gear and handling affect a fish’s recovery.

A Quick Bit From Rivers of a Lost Coast

I finally watched Rivers of a Lost Coast. Totally worth the wait.

Since it’s been reviewed pretty heavily already I’ll just mention one of my favorite moments: Hearing Russell Chatham talk about how Bill Schaadt, who he considers the greatest angler who ever lived, never paid for anything. Using a reel that made a clunk, tying on tippet that other people threw away, bartering salmon for a tank of gas…