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We’re Goin’ Streakin’

Not the kind of streak anyone wants to be on. I’m riding a cold streak in the home waters. None of the typical surface action has materialized like normal. But what’s worse, the fallback structure and rips that produce with blind casting aren’t producing (One 14-inch striper to show for the last three outings). Time to get in the car and go home. Do you think that KFC is still open?


Where are the gators? Now’s been the time for them to wreak havoc in the bays during fits of ruthless surface action. But they’ve gone deep, or disappeared. Sonsofbitches. The choices are laid out: Run east again or south to the ocean side, but that’s asking for a triple digit fuel bill. It’s been six-weight days pulling schoolie bass off shoreline structure and waiting for something big to show itself. The Forks are calling…

Hold, Wait For It…

When I woke with the morning’s sunrise, the outdoor thermometer read 61 degrees. The dead season is almost over. All the little gits that cut you off at the local break will be back in school. Boats pulling tubers through prime topwater bust locations will disappear. Jet skis will decline precipitously. This is our time*. We just need the fish to hold up their end of the bargain. Come on, predators, show us what you got.


*With the exception of sailors and their fall races, which don’t really bother anything anyhow.

NYC METRO: Summer Patterns

Summer patterns are in step. Striped bass are mostly in the domain of vampires. Daytime is for other things; taking boat rides to check out the waterfalls, stalking bluefish, waiting for the albies and bonito, monitoring the Gilgo Surf Cam…What else is there to do?

Tons of stuff. Late night pitch-n-putt, go to the livestock auction and cruise the 4-H chicks, throw stuff off the bridge…

NEW YORK: Casting For Recovery Tournament

The Fifth Annual Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament, a charity event benefitting Casting For Recovery, will take place on May 3rd. The Tournament operates out of Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, where contestants can chase stipers, bluefish, and weakfish. It’s catch and release, and the proceeds go to Casting For Recovery to help women with breast cancer.