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VIDEO: False Albacore

Some shaky footage from fishing for false albacore last week.

[UPDATE: Reloaded the video after trying to take some of the shakiness out. It was making me sick.]

[NOTE: For everyone asking, the rod is a Helios prototype, which is why it has a different reel seat and coloration than what's in production. And, yes, that is floating line. I had on full sink, but when I hooked my first one the line didn't clear properly and I got a ridiculous bird's nest pulled tight by a fleeing albie. I didn't want to miss out while untangling, so I switched out to the floating--all I had--super quick just to get a fly in the mix. Normally I use full sink. The backing is gel spun.]

LONG ISLAND: B-List Hatchery Blowout

The Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, the place responsible for introducing brown trout to the U.S., celebrated its 125th Anniversary this weekend.

To celebrate, they threw a party and invited Joyce Dewitt, Erik Estrada, and Adam West. I’d give up 30 days of fly fishing to talk brook trout with Ponch.