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Should Have Been Here Tomorrow

The water temperature held fast at 44 degrees but the air temperature dropped precipitously below that. The wind brought snow flurries into the occasion. Spending 12 formative years in Florida tends to diminish appreciation for that sort of clime.

photo from Matt Smythe

Matt Smythe is a Western New Yorker with steelhead tendencies and one day to get it done. Cold could not be an impediment.

Matt casting

Things got worse before they got better but by that time the only trace left of Matt was a half-empty bottle of Maker’s Mark.

My brother with a piker

It got better Matt.


But First, Pike

Big Pike Release

The North Country beckons. The big nasties are aligned in the fly box, ready to endure any sharp-toothed ambush tactics in the shallows. ZB touches down at Idlewild and we take to the interstate highway system. Boats will be launched, lines in the water, by the PM. This is the 12th Annual, attended by family and friends who roll from way back in the 20th Century. This is a good deal.

We got smallmouth, too.

Pike Nasty

I stopped into Atlantic Outfitters yesterday for some supplies and mentioned to John Thompson, the owner, that I’m getting ready for my northern pike outing next month. He pulled this from his tying table, a creation from one of his weekly tying classes, and gave it to me to test for results. Looks to be pike nasty, maybe even muskie nasty, so we’ll see what goes down.

Fierce Bad Rabbit

Killing rabbits has become trendy in Brooklyn. Okay then, but what are they doing with the pelts?

As Matt Stansberry reminded me in his blog post about his pike ties on the vise, rabbit strip agrees with the Esox family.

We’ve got our own pike fishing trip coming up in May. While I’m more apt to fish a Puglisi pattern or an Eat-Me, I’ll always dedicate time working some dead rabbit. I’m haunted by the memories from Aught Two, when our man Crispin worked the vise one night, then used his white rabbit-strip creation to entice this 52″ muskie out from under a felled tree.

Damn I’d be down with some of that.