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Postcards of the Hanging

The sun came out and the shallows warmed and  fish moved into them. Others held fast in the current rips, poised for ambush, and still others patrolled the drop-offs or took cover in the newly thickening weeds. The fish hit the flies of those who were there and the pics are for those who could not be.

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But First, Pike

Big Pike Release

The North Country beckons. The big nasties are aligned in the fly box, ready to endure any sharp-toothed ambush tactics in the shallows. ZB touches down at Idlewild and we take to the interstate highway system. Boats will be launched, lines in the water, by the PM. This is the 12th Annual, attended by family and friends who roll from way back in the 20th Century. This is a good deal.

We got smallmouth, too.

NORTH COUNTRY: Loons and Smallmouth

Last week brought about the annual 4th of July split trip between the St. Lawrence River and the Adirondacks. Fishing in July is not always optimal so we spent most of our time on the water wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing, but on the River we managed to bag smallmouth bass at the right times.

In the Adirondacks, we again spent time within a stone’s throw of the Saranac River, and a short drive away from the Ausable, but like last year concentrated on smallmouth bass in the lakes. The idea of targeting bass with a fly rod while working the felled trees and glacial boulders on the shoreline from a john boat or canoe just better suits me. And nothing rocks house for its size in freshwater like a smallie.

We spotted loon pairs in both places. Loons also rock.