CARP: An excellent article about the sagacity of the carp as a gamefish. The opening sentence disparaging trout and bass, two of the most revered gamefish, made me laugh out loud. One, because it reminded me of a conversation I had with a phenomenal striper fisherman when I first started trying to catch them on fly. I was talking about striped bass like I was in awe of them, and he said, “You damn fly fisherman…they’ll hit a f***in’ clam belly on a six-aught hook, it’s not like it’s rocket science.” Two, it reminded me of a line from 40-Year-Old Virgin, “You’ve got to stop putting the ***** on a pedastal.” While the article gives the carp a lot of credit, the article’s first sentence reminded me that sometimes it’s easy to give the fish a little too much credit.

(Link via Midcurrent.)

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