MUSIC: Top Five Videos of All Time

There was a time when MTV, which stands for Music Television, actually played music. I can’t remember when it switched to an all-reality, all-crap format, but I’m no longer in their demographic anyway, so what’s the difference. But when they did play music videos, a few seminal ones stood well above the others. Here are the FJ top five of all time. These are not reflections of my favorite bands or songs in the least, I am basing this purely on the video. (What does this have to do with fishing and a fishing blog? I have no idea.)

5. Put ‘Em on the Glass. Sir Mix-A-Lot. Have you seen this one? Probably not since it could never be aired on anything but late night cable. It’s Sir Mix’s follow-up to “Baby Got Back.” It’s nowhere near as catchy a song but, as you can imagine, the video is outstanding.

4. Sabotage. The Beastie Boys. Cochese.

3. Sober. Tool. Immortalized in a Beavis and Butthead episode, where watching it, Beavis says simply, “Meat.” Plus, this might actually be one of the greatest bands ever assembled.

2. End of the World As We Know It. REM. Something something Edeline, LEONARD BERNSTEIN…

1.One. Metallica. I love it most because it forever ended the days of wuss-boy metal hairbands playing power ballads in crotchless ass-chaps. Just CRUSHED everything in its path.

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