New Connetquot River Rules

When you sign in to fly fish for trout at the Connetquot River state park, the attendant will hand you a print-out that reads as follows:

Notice to Anglers, Patrons and Staff-April 2007

Due to the detection of IPN (Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis) in Trout at Connetquot hatchery:

The Following Additional Rules Are In Effect

Waders and Wading- Waders, Boots or any access to waters upstream of the Hatchery Will not be allowed.

Felt Sole Shoes or Waders will not be permitted in any waters of the Preserve.

NO Chest or Hip Waders will be allowed on any Connetquot sites other than sites #1 and #2 (below the Main Pond Flume.)

ONLY Hip Boots will be permitted on sites #16 to #9. All other sites will be bank or platform fishing.

Anglers have the responsibility to wash and disinfect their equipment before and after fishing Connetquot and other waters.

Angler cooperation is needed and appreciated to help the plan eradicate IPN from Connetquot waters.

Thank You for your help and understanding.
Connetquot River State Park Preserve.

Here is a link to an Australian site providing details on IPN, the disease affecting the Connetquot.

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