STRIPED BASS: A Fat Cow Eats Too Much

Mike's Big Striper

This photo does not do appropriate justice to the potential Slab of the Month candidate caught by my fishing buddy Mike Lavoie along the Connecticut shoreline this morning. We hit the water at first light with Capt. Mike Warecke in search of bigger bass. The conditions were not favorable but we decided to try anyway, hoping for a few shots at fish in the 30-inch range. We got a couple of those in the 13-15 pound class, which hit hard and fought hard. But Lavoie got the striper of the season so far when he induced this 45-inch, 30-pound (on the BIG Boga grip) mama to eat his fly. We fished 10 weight rods with fast sinking lines, casting “Mike’s Magic Minnow” flies–tied by Warecke–letting them sink to bottom and fast-stripping them back to the boat. (The Magic Minnow is similar to a deceiver, but different…Like orange juice vs. Sunny Delight.) Like I said, this picture doesn’t do the fish nor the reel-screeming, backing clearing fight it put up justice. But thankfully, the video I shot does. Look for it soon…

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