Fishing, Vegans, and Bullshit

I hate to mention PeTA for the very reason Singlebarbed rued it in his post, because it’s an organization that employs a talk good about me, talk bad about me, just talk about me mindset.

But ok, here’s the thing. I get it. I know fishing is a predatory act. I know that to think otherwise is delusional. I know that, even though I release 99 percent of the fish I catch, it is still a predatory act.

I know I can make the counterargument to PeTA’s about all the real things that anglers do to restore fish habitat, protect the environment, and support measures to improve the collective health of many fish species–things that are far more productive and helpful to the actual survival of fish than a bunch of pasty vegans putting hooks through their lips in protest. I can even point to scientific studies in contrast to the Roslin Report conclusions on fish and pain, but it would fall on ears not inclined to listen.

But at the very least, I am not a card carrying member of an organization engaging in major, and preposterous, hypocracy. See this “Bullshit” video.

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