VIDEO: Cold Florida

I got a Sanyo Xacti waterproof digital camcorder for Christmas and plan on using it to put forth some hackitube–crappy amateur footage posted to Youtube. This first one is some salty and fresh footage from my last trip. A few things:

–To any chrome addicts, I realize this is balmy for you. But it’s FLORIDA.

–The salty fish are jack crevalle. We chased them in schools consisting of 5-8 pounders, 10-12 pounders, 15 pounders, and 20-25 pounders. The 20-25 pounders kicked our asses.

–The salty guide’s name is Scott Hamilton, a bluewater fly fishing pioneer in South Florida, and the inventor of the Eat-Me fly.

–The fish chasing the fly at the end is a rat bastard snakehead called “Grandad.”

–The song is “Bottomless Well” by the Dingo Fish Band.

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