REFERENCE: Fly Fisherman's Guide To Saltwater Prey

Here’s what I like about Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Saltwater Prey. There’s not a single photo of a gamefish in the book, save for the one the author’s holding in his bio pic on the back cover. Every picture in this book is either of a type of saltwater prey or of the fly that mimics it. There’s no, “tie this fly and you’ll catch this giant fish of your life.”

Written by Dr. Aaron Adams, this is a quick reference book comprised of sections for crabs, shrimp, bottom fish, mid-water fish, baitfish, and miscellanea. Adams provides a brief summation of over 150 species of baits–where they live, their geographic range, and one to two paragraphs descriptions of how they behave and what eats them.

For tying, the flies shown in the book are provided by accomplished tyers and anglers; the names Gordon Churchill and Marshall Cutchin will be familiar to other bloggers and blog readers. Each tyer provides a list of tying materials with a few comments from the tyer.

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