Friends with Boats


ZB’s getting an 18 footer down in Florida to go fishing for bucketmouths in the Glades and Okeechobee, hit the snook lights in strategic brackish canals, and duck outside the inlet when conditions permit. Thank you ZB. There is no better boat than your friend’s boat. I’ll buy the beer, ice, and sammies. I’ll split the gas with you, brother.

Lavoie, get cracking on your Portsmouth operation. I need coverage up and down the coast.

5 thoughts on “Friends with Boats”

  1. sweet looking boat … looks like the “all around” weapon for gettin’ it done in a variety of situations … easy to trailer if need be too .. 18′ is an ideal size, i think

  2. It was an advanced form of GPS plotting. Miami Vice, pool basketball and Buff tipping, the eighties were the best times.

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