Matt’s Anti Hero Shot

Matt's Anti Hero Shot

A week or so ago I tried to run an ill-fated anti-hero shot photo contest, but wound up giving away the free hat to someone else for identifying a Chinaski passage. But Matt Rise sent in this photo with the explanation:

A 4″ rainbow caught on a beadhead PT at Bellaire Lake Red Feather Colorado!  He put up an amazing fight!  As I tried to get him in  he made drag screaming run after drag screaming run.  After four of those runs I was beginning to wonder if the 7x tippet was going to hold or whether the size 26 fly I had on there was going to straighten out and let him go.  After that battle I was able to net him (and catch him after he slid through the holes in the net) and get this amazing grip and grin shot.

Thanks Matt. If I buy another hat that doesn’t fit my head right, I’ll send it your way.

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