FISHING SHOWS: Things I don’t need to see

On Sunday morning I was hanging with my brother and his 8-week old son, nursing a hangover by watching a steady stream of fishing programs. The amount of filler started getting to me. Informally counting for one show, I wasted three minutes of my life watching some guy eat fish tacos.

I don’t get why someone making a fishing show, who has about 20-23 minutes of air time to show footage in a half hour time slot, would waste any portion of it showing people eating. Or the obligatory post-trip “nightlife” montage, featuring dancing to some dubbed in royalty-free techno song.

Tomorrow night, at the Fly Fishing Film Tour, I will keep a running tally of the total minutes of film showing people eating or dancing or whatever. I hope it’s “zero” but we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “FISHING SHOWS: Things I don’t need to see”

  1. Here in Montreal I have the same thinking when I look at our local fishing shows. In a 30 minutes show, we will see them driving to the location, I guess we need to see all the stickers on the truck!

    Then you see them on the water fishing for walleye with very few detail: time of the year, water temperature, speed when trolling, depth when jigging. Would it be so difficult to include screen shut of a quality fish finder to show any structure where they are fishing?

    One, we should have our own fishing show!


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