This Room Smells Like Hotel Illness*

I just stink. Two days fishing without showering. Hit offshore today with Capt. Scott Hamilton in search of spinner sharks that never materialized. Got into some dolphin (mahi), which are awesome on fly, on a pallet in 30 feet of green water. Unexpected. We also hit a few small false albacore but mostly fought the wind and waves.

 *Black Crowes reference

6 thoughts on “This Room Smells Like Hotel Illness*”

  1. You get paid to do this? Sweet gig.

    Looks like the trip to the white river is washed out for me. Be hard to float my little pontoon with eight turbines running.


    Ps. Sweet cheap plastic fly boxes you have there.

  2. I get paid for other stuff and fit the fishing in when I can. That sucks about the White River trip. Hope you get a chance when the water levels normalize.

    Oh yeah, those fly boxes. Got them from some crazy North Carolinian.

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