Little Brookies

brook trout spring 08

I got out of work early and took advantage of the increasing length of days. Today, I decided to hit a different stream than normal, one that is smaller, colder, faster flowing and more technical, with fewer and tinier fish. Variety is something something…Anyway, here’s to little brook trout.

3 thoughts on “Little Brookies”

  1. nice … gotta love brookies … tiny ones, small ones, big ones .. they’re all good .. a unique species of trout in the sense that regardless of their size they still look soooo cool ..and sometimes the smaller ones look even cooler than the big ones .. the blue and yellowish and orangeish halo type dots certainly make the brookie a piece of art, regardless of size .. nice work pete.

  2. Oh…. Brookie fishing is one of my favorite things in the early season. Just love to catch a 10 inch trout and flip it right into a frying pan. Mmmmm Brook Trout

    When I first move to New Brunswick all I did was brook trout fishing. I hadn’t even learned to use a fly rod at that point.

    For me opening day usually means I hit a few of my favorite hot spots for brookies before even attempting any other species.

    The colors on these little brookies, well they don’t have to be little, are just spectacular and we have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful little brooks that are full of them.

    Brookies are so much fun and they were the first species I introduced my son to years ago.

  3. One of my buddies has a place in the Adirondacks near some water where you can catch these awesome native little brookies. None are bigger than 10 inches tops, but they’re cool fish for certain.

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