Unexpected Carp Development?

A fishing associate told me today about a pond nobody fishes containing large specimens of carp, about 20 minutes from my house. This could be a development with huge potential. Or it could be another opportunity to flail dead water.

Also discussed, nearby places to target chain pickerel.

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Carp Development?”

  1. I have never fished Carp but I have watched it on the tube, looks like a blast.

    I do fish chain pickerel though, from my float tube, and it is extremely explosive, especially when they don’t strike until you are just about to take you line out of of the water.

    Chain pickerel is a fish that I like to fish with new fishing friends because it’s so much fun and there tends to be a lot of yelling and laughing.

    That is why I own two float tubes and two pairs of flippers. It’s just too much fun to not share.

  2. I highly suggest reading up on Ian James AKA the carpfather


    Ian is known as the Carpfather and you’ll learn a few tricks and probably laugh your butt off (check out the Ask Ian archives). Its very probable your water contains loads of carp.

    Carp can be found in ponds and even ditches…
    Go get em!

  3. Checked that site out already as it came up in google when I was looking for fly fishing for carp info. That pond turned out to be a bust but a scouted out some others today that looked promising, as well as some saltwater wading sites over the weekend.

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