All Scouting, No Results

The quest to find new waters continues. I’ve been complacent in my home area of late, hitting the usual spots and doing the same things. I’ve been trying to expand both waters to fish and species to target on fly. (I did try a new saltwater spot this weekend, but nothing doing but the bunker.) I’ve been checking out supposed carp water pretty hard, as well as a few spots for chain pickerel. I found one promising spot, but need a special county permit to fish there so I couldn’t wet a line. But one of these days I’m going to find carp feeding in the shallows and actually make a cast to one and see what happens.

Maybe something like this.

4 thoughts on “All Scouting, No Results”

  1. And when you do hit cast to that carp, make sure you have 200-300 yards of backing and bring a lunch, you’ll be in it for the long haul….. guaranteed. 🙂

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