Pike Trip Results Quantified

My brother holds up a girl from the north country, proving once again that if you fish in my boat you’ll be the one to catch the big un.  She’s long but lean, just at the beginning of the post spawn feeding binge. More photos of the northern pike fly fishing expedition to follow…

11 thoughts on “Pike Trip Results Quantified”

  1. Nice Pike. Did he get it in the shallows sight fishing? I have wanted to do that. I have seen it on the tube and the takes are killer.

  2. Not yet, but the river I typically fish has low numbers of Muskie present. Of course, my hometown lake (only a couple hundred feet from my house) was arguably the hottest muskie lake in the nation last fall. Countless 50″+ fish getting boated last year. The problem out here is the wind, it is relentless. Trying to cast half chickens into gales with a 9 weight is a tough feat. I made it out twice on a buddies boat last ummer to fish muskies. Hopefully I’ll add a couple more opportunities for this year. I’m more likely to catch a muskie by accident though.

  3. A few years back, one guy on our annual trip caught a 52″ muskie on an 8w and to me it was the most impressive freshwater fish I have seen. But nobody’s even hooked one since. There are a lot of them in the area but most guys get them by trolling at night.

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