RESOURCES: Biofuel "A Crime Against Humanity?"

One UN expert thinks it is affecting millions facing starvation.  

I think ethanol is a fucking joke.

So it takes 1.3 gallons of fossil fuel to make a gallon of ethanol, which is oh by the way a much less efficient fuel in the first place?

Oh yeah, you need water.

Stop forcing ethanol down our throats. We don’t want it.

I am, however, a fan of biodiesel, which uses waste cooking oil. The fast food nation is sitting on a gold mine, there. Really, a Fry Daddy gold mine.

5 thoughts on “RESOURCES: Biofuel "A Crime Against Humanity?"”

  1. While we watch oil approach $150/barrel few realize that the government is subsidizing the ethanol boom .They are planting corn everywhere .I guess nobody in Washington or the breadbasket remember the dust bowls.

  2. Ethanol sucks. At the very least, they should focus on using “waste” agricultural products to produce it instead of planting more corn. Biodiesel…well at least that’s resourceful.

  3. I agree. I read somewhere, I think in one of the automatically generated related links above, that GM is looking into biofuel made from plant waste. Sounds more reasonable than growing corn for fuel.

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