FLORIDA: Little Hits, Big Misses, Wildlife

The thermometer in the rental car read 86 degrees at 7 in the morning, so I knew the canals were going to boil.  So would anyone making the effort to walk them in search of fish. Peacocks like it hot, but I had a hard time getting anything but follows out of the bigger ones. A few little ones ripped the fly off its hinges.

I had a surprise visit from this tiny bass at high noon. I also had several follows from always-elusive snakeheads, big ones, that did what they always do–patrol behind the fly until I run out of stripping room.

Speaking of invasive species, I chased this iguana out of my parking space.

The mud ducks would have none of it. They actually tried to jack me and take my lunch money.

6 thoughts on “FLORIDA: Little Hits, Big Misses, Wildlife”

  1. Good picture and a good post. How do peacocks fight? I have never caught one only seen pictures.
    good job on the blog

  2. Mud ducks are the thugs of the aviary world.

    Peacocks are super aggressive on the take and will blast a fly at high speed. The smaller butterfly peacocks in South Florida fight a lot like smallmouth, jumping and bulldogging you. They’re a blast.

  3. They do have grass carp down there that supposedly hit berry flies pretty hard. I’ve never done it but it’s on my list. I’ve seen them tailing in shallow water while fishing for peacocks but never have anything appropriate to throw to them.

    Peacocks are awesome but, man if you were going to go to Florida for one reason only, it would have to be for tarpon.

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