Hanna Just Wet

When you watch the weather channel too much you start to think the remnants of a tropical storm are still behaving like a hurricane. You see neighbors taking deck chairs off their porches. You watch people stocking up on canned goods like we were getting Ike, not Hanna. So you do the sensible thing and drive down to the beach to check out the wind (not crazy), the waves (not huge) and the rain (pretty heavy.) Then you sit at home on a Saturday night and watch college football and wait for the wind to kick in, and when your team loses it in the 4th quarter you get a little, well, bored. Then you wake up the next day and realize that the tropical storm dumped a lot of rain but overall had less impact than the typical Noreaster, especially the one that sunk your boat in Aught Five. Then you look outside and realize it’s in the 70s and beautiful and you know there won’t be too many days like this left so you pack your car and go someplace you probably shouldn’t, and for the first time experiment with recording a football game on TiVo. I’m out of here. Nobody tell me what happens in the Fin’s game.

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