A lot of People Must Be Googling "Fat Ass"

A while ago I posted this picture and titled it Stefan’s Fat-Ass Rainbow Trout. I don’t pay too much attention to my daily stats, because if you’re not trying to figure out ad rates because it’s a personal blog and not a business, what does it matter if you get 600 uniques a day or 6000? But when you log into WordPress, there’s a feature on your dashboard for most active posts. Every day, Stefan’s Fat-Ass Rainbow Trout is right in there. So I checked the all-time search engine terms, and right up at the top is “Ass.” Lingering in the top ten is “Fat Ass.” I also see searches for “Stripers with big asses.” (Apparently someone forgot the other “p.”) So whatever my ultimate numbers may be, they’re inflated by people looking for pictures of ass.

6 thoughts on “A lot of People Must Be Googling "Fat Ass"”

  1. That settles it – every post I do on fly fishing from here on out will contain the word “ass”.

    Next week’s lineup:

    Monday – What a Bad Ass Brown I’m Holding, Eh?
    Tuesday – Trout Eat Streamers From the Head Down, Not Ass Up
    Wednesday – How To: Get Off Your Ass and Catch Some Rainbows
    Thursday – My Ass Hurts From Sitting in this Chair Typing
    Friday – Weekend’s Here – Time To Go Kick Some Cutthroat Ass!

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