FFR SHOW: Who Needs "Drift" Tickets?

I had planned to go to this year’s Fly Fishing Retailer Show on my own dime. But then I had to pay for a number of unforeseen home expenses, culminating with removing a felled maple in my back yard and some (unrelated) emergency pet surgery.

Besides not getting to hawk my prototype of the new Fishing Jones Beltless Trench Coat (I call it “The Executive”), I’m also missing  the premier of the Film “Drift” from Confluence Films. Tickets are free to show attendees with the ability to locate a booth from the directory floor plan.

But if there’s someone who lives in or happens to be in Denver on Monday, September 15th at 8:30 pm, and ISN’T going to FFR, but still wants to see the film, shoot me an email by Thursday and I’ll send my tix (2).


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