VIDEO: False Albacore

Some shaky footage from fishing for false albacore last week.

[UPDATE: Reloaded the video after trying to take some of the shakiness out. It was making me sick.]

[NOTE: For everyone asking, the rod is a Helios prototype, which is why it has a different reel seat and coloration than what’s in production. And, yes, that is floating line. I had on full sink, but when I hooked my first one the line didn’t clear properly and I got a ridiculous bird’s nest pulled tight by a fleeing albie. I didn’t want to miss out while untangling, so I switched out to the floating–all I had–super quick just to get a fly in the mix. Normally I use full sink. The backing is gel spun.]

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: False Albacore”

  1. Good stuff. Try to avoid using the zoom function on a boat. It only amplifies the wave action and contributes a lot to the shakiness.

  2. Actually, Justin, I filmed most of the blitz footage while I was already hooked up. You can see the bent rod in the corner at one point. No way I could watch and film that otherwise. Yeah, I don’t know why I played around with the zoom, other than I’m an amateur.

  3. Love that vid. I didn’t see this one on YouTube. Thanks for sharing. Like the others, I liked the screaming reel but I also liked the angle that got the angler himself–sort of a video in a video! *L*

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