We’re Goin’ Streakin’

Not the kind of streak anyone wants to be on. I’m riding a cold streak in the home waters. None of the typical surface action has materialized like normal. But what’s worse, the fallback structure and rips that produce with blind casting aren’t producing (One 14-inch striper to show for the last three outings). Time to get in the car and go home. Do you think that KFC is still open?

3 thoughts on “We’re Goin’ Streakin’”

  1. Mitch: Wow. Cheese. Is that you?
    Dean Pritchard: Hello, Mitch. Bernard. I see you guys haven’t changed much.
    Beanie: Who’s this guy?
    Mitch: Beanie, you remember Cheese, Rodney’s kid brother?
    Dean Pritchard: Actually, my name’s not Cheese anymore. It’s Gordon Pritchard.
    Beanie: Oh yeah. Cheeeeeese. Yeah, didn’t we lock you in a dumpster one time?
    Dean Pritchard: Yea, I got out.
    Beanie: Cool man. Good. Glad you did.

    [audio src="http://www.moviesoundscentral.com/sounds/old_school/earmuffs.wav" /]

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