STRIPED BASS: Low YOY Numbers in the Chesapeake

An article on striper numbers from Annapolis.

Interesting paragraph:

Another factor worth considering is the fishing pressure. If you combine the recreational striper fishery, both in Maryland and Virginia (including the winter fishery at the Bay’s mouth) and along the Atlantic coast with the commercial effort, stripers never really get a break, unlike other game species, such as waterfowl and deer. Add these factors to declining spawning stock biomass (confirmed by the federal striped bass board) and YOY data and you have reasonable concerns.

2 thoughts on “STRIPED BASS: Low YOY Numbers in the Chesapeake”

  1. this is a huge bummer because the atlantic striper fishery is one of the great management stories. if we go and F-up the striper fishery after bringing it back from near-death years ago it was be a testament to colossal short-sightedness and the sutpidity of not having integrated fishing regulations across states that share a fishery. in New England you cannot kill a small striper. In the Chesapeake, you can. i will sit and debate the breeder issue forever – and agree that we should not kill many – if any, but dozens of rockfish for dinner (the southern tradition) has an undeniable impact also. why not form a coalition of states who share fisheries and have some sensible, consistent regs so that we don’t have abuses on one side or the other? I know the seasonal thing is a challenge geographicaly, but we can all work this out. for a little guidance on how to form the limtis, take a look at what happended in some Atlantic Salmon Rivers – kill no small fish and perhaps implement a slot limit so the really big guys can live to reproduce. i’ll even give you a trophy tag each season so you can have a feast when you hit the 40 incher. just cause I like to eat striper too.

    ok, i’m finished.

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