Oregon Streams In Jeopardy, Skeena Screw Job

Got an email yesterday from Matt Stansberry of the Caddis Fly Blog, talking about how plans to ramp up logging could seriously damage some Oregon streams. Some are household names to fly fishermen, even those of us East Coasters who’ve never fished the Pacific Northwest.

As Matt said, “It’s the Alsea, Umpqua, Siuslaw, Rogue and a whole host of other systems.” 

The hell with that. Take a look at Matt’s Post on the Caddis Fly. He explains it far better than I can:

Rivers Impacted By the Western Oregon Plan Revision

Write the Governor. Taking water away from western fly anglers is taking water away from all of us. So, while you’re at it, sign this petition to stop Skeena policy perversity in B.C. brought to light by Buster Wants To Fish:

Wherein We Plead For Help From the Laser Awesome

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