5 thoughts on “BTU Petitions to End Commercial Permit Fishing”

  1. signed it. but i have a confession: i have never been fortunate enough to get one to eat my fly but have always thought that since it is a pompano-type fish it would taste pretty good lighly grilled if i did….

    btw, “penulitmate”? what is harder?

  2. Marshall, I hope you’re having some grilled pompano sometime soon in Naples. The economic aspect probably makes sense. Dr. Jerald Ault of the University of Miami Rosentiel School did a study a few years ago that determined each bonefish in the Florida Keys is worth over $3,000 to the economy. I wonder what the number would be for permit, since people hire guides for long stretches just for a shot.

  3. Catch and release is the way.We encourage every fisherman to join in the effort to protect the Permit and to prohibit Commercial Permit Fishing. Become informed and play an active role in the fisheries that you love.
    Tight lines, Captain Francisco Rosario, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

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