NYC: The Herring Run

I missed the herring run, but Capt. Dave Azar didn’t.


Capt. Dave: “Friday, 12/5 Had my good buddy David Mamiye out for a great winter day of catching.  Abundant striped bass from the Breezy Point Jetty for several miles in all directions.  After catching a few smaller schoolies we moved on to see if there were any bigger ones on herring.  There were massive flocks of working birds everywhere I pointed my binoculars, but the key to finding the bigger fish was locating the feeding gannets.  These very large birds can be counted on to signal bigger bait.  When we found them dive bombing the water along the Rockaway beaches we honed in and began catching fish in the next the size class, from 26″ to 29″, considerably larger than all the 22″ to 25” fish we’ve been catching for 3 or 4 weeks now.  Unfortunately the following Sunday and Monday had very strong winds and rough sea conditions making it impossible to get out again, but I drove to the beach Sunday and scoped out a 3 mile long flock of birds working offshore of the Rockaways.  I have the boat in the water until the season closes on Dec 15th and so far next Sunday, 14th and Monday, 15th are looking good weather wise, so there is still a chance to get in on the last of the action. “

2 thoughts on “NYC: The Herring Run”

  1. The season closes on the 15th and at this point I have NO chance of getting out under the wire.

    Now’s the time to dust off the vise, re-watch the Tarpon dvd and my old Walker’s Cay tapes, and practice casting in the park down the block.

    Unless I get down to Florida between now and then, the next important date on my docket is February 1st, when catch and release opens on the local trout stream.

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