5 Gifts That Won’t Help You Catch Squat

But we like them anyhow.


Tarpon. Standard inflight or train commute entertainment while we pretend to work on the laptop.


Car Sloganry Thomas McGuane quote from The Longest Silence in bumper sticker form.


Formal Wear. Buy shirt, help stripers via Stripers Forever.


Deluxe Mustache Kit. Announce to the world, “I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahagony.”


Shadow Country. We like Florida. We like stories about Ole Florida. We think Peter Mathiessen is top shelf. We loved this when it was Killing Mr. Watson, Lost Man’s River, and Bone By Bone.  We’re not even done with this yet and we think it’s the best book from 2008. Buy this book, dammit.

13 thoughts on “5 Gifts That Won’t Help You Catch Squat”

  1. I come back from a meeting, see this in the feed reader, and rush on over hoping fricken Roughfisher hasn’t had a chance to make a wisecrack about the mustache kit.


  2. Mocking personal improvement? In this form, yes. Now, if the mustache kit was actually a book entitled…

    How To Trim Your Mustache With The Backing Being Stripped Off Your Reel By A Hundred Pound Poon

    …and Oprah was about to give it the ‘book club’ stamp, then maybe I’d approve.

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