13 thoughts on “Reading Murder Books and Trying to Stay Hip”

  1. Billy was a simple country boy, you might say a cockeyed optimist, who got himself mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue. Oh wait, that’s Billy Mumphrey.

  2. hey pete — i didn’t know where else to put this .. but, i had to tell you .. get your A** over on facebook — sign up as fishing jones … its soooooooo much fun and “everyone” is over there .. its not the same without you .. find me .. “flies fins” …. seriously —– you will have a blast and it ties in perfectly with fishingjones.com and your style …

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  3. So funny, I had never heard of Peter Matthiessen until recently when my friend Tom said, “What! You’ve never heard of Peter Matthiessen?” .. Now, I hear about him everywhere I go .. I hear that his book “The Snow Leapord” is more than very good. Now, I am convinced I have to get one of his books and find out for myself, why he and his writing is so well respected.

  4. Just picked this up in the airport on your recommendation. Great so far… but it’s not exactly a book you want to read, airport drunk and jetlagged. Too dense, too good.

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