Ruthless Gangsta, Definition Villain


We like pike. The reasons are manifold:

It is the first game fish we pursued as kids.

Pike eat flies. Big flies.

Pike grow big. For a freshwater fish, anyhow.

Pike have teeth. They can put the hurt in you, especially if you show up wearing a nancyboy stripping guard. (This means you ZB.)

Pike are nasty gangster predatory ambush torpedos.

You can sight fish for pike.

Pike jump. Sometimes anyway. On three separate but documented and verifiable occasions at least.

Pike double over eight weights.

Pike put the laughter in “manslaughter.”*

*(Actually a fact about Chuck Norris.)

6 thoughts on “Ruthless Gangsta, Definition Villain”

  1. Pike also taste good as well…if you know how to prepare them. Have to disagree with D Mac though. Think I would prefer pike in my waters any day than the “Snakeheads which have started to over run many of your decent waters in the states.

  2. JP, I’m inclined to agree with you, except then what do we do about common carp, brown trout, rainbows in the east, brookies in the west, stripers in California and in freshwater systems throughout the southeast and southwest, Florida strain largemouth in Texas and other areas, peacock bass in Florida, and on and on?

    I do know that in certain areas of Maine and places like Lake Davis in Cali, introduced pike have no natural checks and wind up ravaging the trout populations. So maybe it’s not such a good idea to be putting fish where they don’t belong. OK, starting now…

    Simon, I’m not such a fan of the taste of pike–plus, they’re too bony and too much fun to catch to eat.

    Don’t buy too much into the media hype about US waters being “overrun” by snakeheads. Not saying it’s a good thing they’re here, but so far they don’t seem to be overrunning anything.

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