Blog Flies


People ask, what’s the point of having a blog? You don’t make any money. There are, like, a million people doing it, and your words get lost in the clutter. You should be ashamed of yourself you stupid idiot. (That’s just Mom.) And I answer them thusly: Sometimes you get free flies.

A while back I sent Michael Gracie my Drift tickets. As thanks, he just sent me some killer poppers and clousers. [editor’s note: I am supposed to share a few with Jason Puris of The Fin but I think I’ll just tell him they never showed.] As a side bonus, he sent them along in a reusable plastic sandwich container. Thanks MG, they will be used and abused.

And, as a result of catching a bowfin on fly when I was trying to catch snakeheads, recording it for posterity with a photo, and sending it into the Roughfisher, I have more flies en route. (Photo of the Roughfisher flies to follow soon.)

8 thoughts on “Blog Flies”

  1. The Urban fly fisher ran an article this week about the merits of fly fishing magazines and how after a month the articles enclosed inside these publications are often if not outdated and many articles are just repeats from previous years.Yes there are thousands of blogs & forums out there but for a fisherman being part of these communities keeps you up to date with all the latest fishing news,spots,techniques,tutorials……etc etc, which to me is far more benificial than any fishing magazine could ever offer. And yes every now and again someone out there suprises you with a gift or two.Blogs like this will always go from strength to strength….and they say Moms know everything!

  2. Simon, yeah, I check in on certain blogs every day to see what’s what and try to periodically hit all the sites listed in my links. I still read the dead tree, too, though, and since I work in (non-fly fishing) dead tree I have a vested interest in seeing it stick around for a while.

    Mr. Esquandolas pretending to be my Mom, thusly is a nonstandard variant:

    Are you calling me an uneducated person trying to be genteel?

  3. Dude. I’m ready for somebody to start a fly fishing blog fly exchange. I’ll send you some of these gratis, just to see how they work on stripers:

    Been getting boozed up w/ some yak hair and senyo laser dubbing all winter. They don’t sink right for lingcod (my original intent). I need super sparse clousers for that. But they do suspend nice and I think they’d make a great striper pattern. I’m planning to try it on the stripers out here too, but it’s kind of a sasquatch hunt.

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