FLORIDA: Spinner Sharks Rock

When I see this news footage of spinner sharks near surfers, it makes me think one thing: Time to call up Scott Hamilton.

Scott is a bluewater fly fishing pioneer and basically developed this fishery. When they’re in, he’s on them.



Spinners are awesome 12w quarry and will kick your ass.

3 thoughts on “FLORIDA: Spinner Sharks Rock”

  1. I remeber reading about your spinner shark adventure on F&F looks like alot of fun. What time of year are they around? I wouldn’t mind locking horns with one of those.

  2. I probably used the same picture; it’s the only really good one I have. Right now through Feb and sometimes into March is when I’ve taken my spinner trips. It’s usually one of my favorite trips of the year.

  3. Spinner sharks are about the most punctual fish I know. They arrive within a week of New Years day(give or take) and they leave within a week of April 10th(give or take). Their arrival always fills me with excitement at the thought of the battles to come… the wrecked flies, wrecked leaders,wrecked lines….the reel drags to rebuild….the large amounts of medical tape wrapped around bleeding fingers…and most of all the looks of shock, amazement and glee of clients getting yanked all over the boat by one.
    Their departure comes as a sudden let down, where just the day before were hundreds of sharks, is empty of the brown missles. Very annoying…But since the sharks depart just a very short time before the waves of false albacore come in,(the Albies sometimes arrive before the sharks leave) I don’t really have alot of time to dwell on it.

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