RODS: Horrocks-Ibbotson Info?

brown on the mohawk

Last year I liberated my dad’s old Horrocks-Ibbotson fiberglass fly rod from a dusty corner of the boat shed. [I’d say “borrowed” but that implies the intent to return it.] Since then it has become my favorite stick for trout fishing. I’m pretty sure it was a low end rod in its day, but it just has a great feel to it for trouting applications. Plus, at only 7 1/2 feet, it’s much easier to wield on the small brush lined streams I frequent before the stripers show up.

I’m having a hard time finding quality information about the manufacturer, though. So far this is the most relevent link I’ve found. If anyone knows more about the company and its rods, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

30 thoughts on “RODS: Horrocks-Ibbotson Info?”

  1. Pete, You left a comment on Glassy Waters. Hi! I have over a dozen H-I Glass rods. Most are early models. Finding info on H-I glass is a huge challenge. Finding old catalogs is a choir and there is little to no info on the web. Another great source is a forum I am a member of:

    If I had to quess I would say late 60’s. It looks like a fine rod and is in good shape. I have 2 seven and a half footers and they too are my favorites. I like to throw a 5WF of 6DT with mine. If you find any info post it and I will do the same.

  2. Pete, I totally agree with the size on the trout rod for little streams. I use a TFO 7′ 3 wt. for all the overgrown streams out here in Utah. More often than not, I find myself doing a sort of slingshot cast (where i pinch the hook on the fly and pull the line back like a bow and arrow) under the brush that overhangs the best holes. Most people overlook such small water, but I have had not only great success, but serious action and often dinner. Cheers Pete.

  3. Chris I use the slingshot cast quite a bit on one of the streams I fish here, particularly the section where wading has been banned and you have to bow and arrow it between growth along the bank. I haven’t tried it for stripers though. May work when bluefish are going wild all around the boat.

  4. I have a Horrocks & Ibbotson rod. The Model is Princes and 7ft. long, can anyone tell me the history and value of this rod? Thank you and I look forward to your replies.

    1. If you watch EBay, you’ll occationally find the Tonka Princess for sale. These are usually 7 1/2′ long, with one tip. For a couple of years however, HI did build 7′ Princesses. They are worth about $200 new. I have seen them go for $125 – 175 on EBay depending on condition.

  5. Jim, I wish I knew. I’ve been trying to find out myself but I can’t find much. If you get ahold of any information on the company, I’d love to know.

  6. I have a HORROCKS-IBBOTSON Co./BRAURE KILL/THOMSON CANE Fly Rod I inheadited and would like to sell if you know of buyer please contact me.

    1. Chief,
      It has been awhile since your post, but I have a Rainbow 1408 1/2 H I for sale, It is has never been used still has plastic over the cork handle that has black diamond with HI in red letters. This was my grandfathers I have had it in a closet for over ten years now, someone needs to enjoy it. Also have some reels and fishing lures still in original boxes. Thanks, Leesha

  7. I have my great gramps HI rod ( 7 ft Berkshire )and Hendryx reel ( Pat mar 20? ) hard to read. All is in great shape. Interested in Putting it on the wall. Is it worth alot?

  8. I have a split bamboo HI fly rod Mohawk model in good to excellent condition. 7ft. in length. Having trouble here in new jersey and on the web getting info on it. Can anybody out there help? Its worth a six pack to me. Please contact me.

  9. I have an HI Mowhawk with the following written in white 1628 1/8-9 1/2. Glass fibre and I think it might date around the sixties.

  10. I have a Mohawk fly rod in a brown leather wrapped tube topped by a metal cap. I don’t believe the case markings match the rod, in that the metal cap reads “Mohawk – Deluxe Quality Fishing Rod “1425L'”. The rod is in pristine condition, perhaps never used, appears to be bamboo in two pieces and reads after the H-I Mohawk company info “Rainbow” then lightly in gold underneath “No.1407 1/2 7.1/2F”.

    Anyone have an idea how old this rod is, and possibly what it might be worth?

    1. Jay – Did you find info on your rod? Know this was posted two years ago, but I also have the same rod. Would like info on line weight. Looks like maybe 3? Intend to fish mine. By the way, we have same sir name – Don Stokes

  11. Same story, I inherited a Horrock Ibbotson rod “Canada Creek” reg # 831-8 from my father-in-law. He grew up farming in Minnesota and we’re tryingto get some history on it. Anyone have any info they might share? Thanks

    1. Mike, The Canada Creek is one of HI’s best rods. It is usually made from Impregnated Cane, and a joy to cast with a 5 weight DT line. It is worth about $250 in like-new condition. I have had two in my life, and regret getting rid of them. They are great for those small to medium trout streams and brookies. Most of them were built in the 40’s and 50’s. My advise is to restore it, and use it. It compairs favorably to the Dickerson 7612 abd the Phillipson Paramount 7 1/2′. Being an 8′ rod, this one has more to offer.

  12. I have a H&I Favorite model, 9ft with an extra tip in excellent condition. The cloth holder and aluminum sleeve are included. What is it worth and any interest? It is for sale. Thanks

  13. I have a H-1 Tonkin Cane Rod Model ‘Jamaica’. It is 5’7: long. Can anyone give me any details on this? Price? Thank you.

  14. I bought H-I today in the Davis model that is 8 ft 6 in long. I can’t find any info at all on the 8’6″ length but plenty of info on the 9 footer. Does anyone know anything about the 8′ 6″ find?

  15. My Grand Father left his wife (Nana) a box of items, and within the box is a Horrocks – Ibbotson Co. Defiance Guaranteed Rod that is in its pouch and is “steel”. All three sections are steel with the base, section #4 being brass or copper clad and cork.. No model # on other makings except for The MFG mark, diamond “Best Tested”. Any ideas on year and worth?

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