4 thoughts on “PETITION: End Destructive Gill Net Practices”

  1. Is it legal to set a 200 yd gill net in a waterway canal for the entire length, which prevented me from putting my boat in the canal behind my home? This canal is on Sailfish Drive at Holden Beach. I observed at least 1000 fish taken from the net.

  2. I have personally seen the destruction and waste of wildlife in gill net fishing. While leaving them out overnight many of the smaller fish are dead when they are discarded. Flounder, trout, red fish. Many of the legal fish are damaged by crabs and cannot be marketed.

  3. I am disgusted with the net fishing, the fisherman that practise this method are poor excuses. The seals,porpoises, dolphins and other sea creatures that die in the nets is outragious. It is apparent that these individuals are not concerned about thier childrens future. The Whales dolphins , seals etc are entitled to be safe in THEIR OCEAN.

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