CONTEST: Help Redfish, Win a Reel

Redfish photos should look like this…


Not this…


Our friend Capt. Gordon, a North Carolina fly fishing guide, wants to make the second picture a thing of the past, so more people can take more of the first.

The problem is that North Carolina still allows a particularly indiscriminate type of commercial fishing in the form of unattended gill nets.


He needs 1,ooo signatures to send it to the Governor.

Here’s the deal. Go sign his petition, then leave a comment on this post saying “signed.” That’s all you have to do to help a fly brother out.  For those two seconds of your time, you will be eligible to win a REDINGTON TITANIUM CDL REEL for 7/8 W Line. (A Winner will be chosen at random from the comments list on this post, provided your name matches up with the petition.)



Will help a lot with this…


In case you missed it, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE PETITION.

[Note: If you’ve already put your name on the petition, you can still leave a “signed” comment here.]


UPDATE: Special thanks  to…

40 Rivers To Freedom


Michael Gracie

The Caddis Fly


Maine Fly Castings

The Fin

Fishing Talks

UPDATE: The contest is over, but the petition still needs signatures. Thanks to everyone who participated.

83 thoughts on “CONTEST: Help Redfish, Win a Reel”

  1. I signed because you asked me but give the reel to someone else. I don’t wanna hear any shit about how you got me that reel next time out if I win.

  2. I signed the petition (Gladly)

    If I win the reel, Please donate it to a young person that is learning the sport from me Please. I rather give it to someone new to the sport, I have enough.

    Rick Passek

    “The FlyFish Fanatic” TM

  3. Thanks everyone for signing and spreading the word for Capt. Gordon Churchill’s gill net petition. We pushed the signature list close to 250 but he still needs 750 more to send it to the Gov. I’m going to leave this open longer to hopefully get a few more people to sign. Look for other blogs like FlyFishMagazine to take the baton and get more people to sign. Thanks, and I’ll announce the randomly picked contest winner on Thursday.

  4. Living here in Oriental, NC, I’ve seen first hand the thoughtless destruction wrought by gill netting . It’s truly a crime.

    The gillnetters themselves are typically belligerant lowlifes with little care or consideration for anyone. recently, many are from states that have outlawed the practice. Responsible commercial watermen will have nothing to do with them.

  5. I live in South Carolina, close to the North Carolina border, and I sure wish I had found this post back when it was first released, because I would have quickly joined your petition!

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