Do You Know What Nemesis Means?

Reading this Moldy Chum post the other day, it struck me…That pic looks really familiar.

Then it occurred to me: Cheney’s not Vader.


Cheney Equals Brick Top.

Who is Brick Top?

The American Museum of Fly Fishing has the right to invite whoever it wants to speak at its fund-raising dinner in Manhattan tomorrow night.

But the Museum should be aware of what happens when you make your bed with Brick Top. As Turkish explains,

If you’ve got to deal with him, just make sure you don’t end up owing him. Then you’re in his debt. Which means, you’re in his pocket. And once you’re in that, you ain’t ever coming out.”

7 thoughts on “Do You Know What Nemesis Means?”

  1. hahahahaha nice comparison. I feel the same way, do what you want but be prepared to suffer to consequences.

    BTW, you should let me know how you got your flickr photos to show in that widget. I can get the widget up No Problem, but it just shows the numbers of the photos.

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