Operation Sponsor Gracie

Our man in Denver Michael Gracie has bravely entered the Costa 2-Fly competition in the Teva Mountain Games.

Like Ricky Bobby at the end of Jackie Moon (or was it Anchorman? Old School?), Gracie’s got no corporate dough backing him up.

Gracie’s training now but the blogosphere needs to help a brother out.

Let’s create a list of what Gracie needs and make sure he gets it:

–Trained Eagle to do a fly over Gracie at the opening ceremonies.

–Helicopter rental for 36o degree aerial coverage.

–Gold Bond powder for the competitive chafing.

–Insane yet deadly patterns from Roughfisher or Singlebarbed.

John Montana’s mojo.

Fat Guy Kyle to help carbo load.

I’m donating a slightly used Fishing Jones commemorative visor. 

Send all cash donations to me and I’ll make sure he gets it.

16 thoughts on “Operation Sponsor Gracie”

  1. Kyle makes a badass triple 1-pound flat-top bacon cheese burger, while it may rupture your intestines and cause death by rectal bleeding, I think its just what MG needs to get an edge on the competition.

  2. I love you guys (and gals…particularly the gals)! But I’ve got to draw the line at rectal bleeding. Alex, how about some spaghetti and fine Italian sausage?

  3. What would the man be without a bottle (or two) of Jose Cuervo? ….or would you prefer the really cheap stuff with the red sombrero on top? Donated….

  4. I tried posting before, but think maybe I had too many links.

    Sorry, but the trained eagle needs to be swapped out for another fowl–if you remember, MG has a penchant for ducks (search his blog for “bombed with ducks” on his site if you don’t remember this event). This being the case, I agree to supply Michael with duck (it is frozen, and just a breast, but it’s probably the only breast duck Gracie will get during the event).

    I’m tossing in some silkscreened T-shirts with MG’s mug on it for all of his crew so they don’t have to wear those tacky shirts that say something like, “I’m with stupid,” on it–everyone will know who they’re with. I’ll use the fifth picture down from his “Arkansas River Weekend: The Post-Mortem” post.

    And, because of the “fishing” elbow (MG, we know it’s because of hoisting the “shots” as demonstrated in the previous picture, so please, would you drop the “fishing” elbow pretense and come clean?) I’m also kicking in a supply of this: mgbg.notlong.com (careful how you use that stuff buddy).

    Gracie, we’re behind backing you 100%.

  5. We have a line on C4 and are working on someone to cover the cost of making a vid – we’ll shoot it if we can find a decent sponsor. We have two in mind, but MG would have to fish wearing either a pink dinosaur or chicken costume.

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