FLIES: The Hamilton Eat-Me


The Hamilton Eat-Me is my favorite fly. The Florida guide Scott Hamilton introduced me to his pattern 10 years ago on a trip where we used the same fly to catch baby tarpon, dolphin (mahi), and false albacore. He gave me one and the next day I used it freshwater fishing and caught largemouth and peacock bass.


Since then I’ve caught 21 different salt and freshwater species with an eat-me. Hamilton says the species count is well over 100. (Like Alex said today on 40 Rivers, a good streamer/baitfish pattern will work for just about anything.)


It’s a simple, durable, deadly baitfish pattern. I like simple. I like durable. Deadly, too.

When I started epoxying my fingers together tying a few years ago, I followed suit and made variations in different sizes and color schemes.

Hook: whatever size you need,  saltwater nasty.

Hair: Super hair; white with variations of green, chartreuse, brown, black, yellow, blue…whatever.

Thread: mono

Head: big ass eyes encased in epoxy.

4 thoughts on “FLIES: The Hamilton Eat-Me”

  1. Wow some amazing fish caught, I still think that peacock bass is a really beautiful looking fish, the colors on it are really amazing, compared to the usual small and large mouth bass.

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