Film Tour in Maine Equals Cornell ’77?


I missed the Fly Fishing Film Tour in NYC, read that in Indiana it was quite lame, and thought until now that the place to catch it had to be Austin, TX. But I may have to reconsider.

On Thursday, June 4th the Tour is rolling through Portland, ME.  Flies and Fins is hosting it, with striper guide Eric Wallace as the point man, helped in no small part by Alex the Wildman.

College Kid Ben, The Roughfisher, I’m sure Marshall DeMott, and all the cool kids will be there.

I’d drive up myself if it wasn’t six hours away and I wasn’t leaving to go tarpon fishing the next day.

The Portland crowd has less than a month to work it out and see if it can top the Austin opening promo. “Keep Portland Weird” is just copying at this point.

5 thoughts on “Film Tour in Maine Equals Cornell ’77?”

  1. Hey thanks pete! — ya, might be tough to top the Austin gig — and that promo is killer! — Gonna be a great night — films, lots of booze, live music, tons of swag from scott, patagonia, rail riders and more coming .. if you live in northeast – consider coming up as we did it on thur. june 4 — the striper fishing should be great, the salmon and trout fishing will definately be great .. so – come see the show .. bring buddies, the wife, the fam.. whatever – and make a weekend out of it .. maine is absolutely beautiful that weekend – and things are cheap as the summer isn’t in full swing yet — and the fishing is great — gonna be a blast.

    PS – for show details and current swag giveaways and updates and to get your tickets online — check out this post. — thanks again pete for the post! — good luck in florida!!

  2. Sounds to me like a challenge has been raised…Austin v. Portland…a veritable Throwdown at the Hoedown.

    Hey Chick: are you listening?

  3. Since you are a FL boy how ’bout we settle for the old Hollywood Sportatorium ’77. Still the same smokin’ month but alot looser.

    The show is gonna be a blast. The roughfisher will need to behave himself. Mrs. Roughfisher will be around to keep me in check, but she has been known to cut loose from time to time.

  4. Sportatorium 10-25-85 was my first show so I’ll just fastforward a few years.

    Tosh, since I won’t have been to either, I think an objective 3rd party will need to decide the top dog here.

  5. Throwing down the gauntlet!!

    Hey, I am sure the Portland crowd will bring it with their own style. Certainly they know better than to throw another homeless cross dresser into this film tour.

    I mean two in one year? That would be way too much. People would start to raise an eyebrow at this film tour….

    Good luck Portland! I would love to come join the fun but I will be wrapping up a fishing trip in the 406 on June 4th

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