18 thoughts on “Annotated History of Pike Expedition, 2009”

  1. You just can’t mock the fishing gods with that banana pic. Mark my words, there will be some serious repercussions for that

  2. (Ultra hair + epoxy head * Tyger wire / angry northern) * 6 weight = Genesee time

    But who gives a crap about the fishing. Question is, did you take all your brother’s money or what?!

  3. No Tyger wire, that’s straight up 40-lb fluorocarbon. We’ve found that we get a lot more hits with the fluoro and you get the smallmouth bass, too. Actually, catching smallmouth is the reason for the smaller flies, lighter rod, and fluoro leaders.

    That said, I caught my biggest pike of the weekend w/ an 8w and a puglisi perch pattern.

    I broke even in the cards. A family friend on the trip who’s a card shark walked away with the big haul.

  4. I’ve got some 30lb flouro, although I’m always tentative with the knots – may have to try. You’re using the HR loop knot up front, and an Albright to the leader?

  5. I knew there had to be other Genny appreciators out there. Just avoid the ones with the green label.

    MG, yes on both counts. Getting the Homer Rhode tight is impossible without using pliers.

  6. Hi there
    Haven’t been here in a while and hope you are all well.
    This has to be the first Pike that I have ever seen and thats quiet the big boy there, nice to see that you boys didn’t forget the beer on the trip. 🙂

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