BLOGS: Flats Walker


New blogs pop up every day, but not all of them from Cayman Islands bonefish guides. And so far the posts on Flats Walker look solid.

From an account of his first fly experience:

I’m standing on the northeastern-most tip of the peninsula where I grew up and as I look out over the flats I’m facing north toward Cuba and Key West beyond…

Man, it’s hard to cast when you’re chest deep in water and your line is flowing away in a huge loop. I only hit myself with the fly once (square in the back of the head), and yes, it hurt, but I didn’t hook myself…

From a tarpon account:

This has to be a mistake; you should never have come. These are extra-large fish, rare giants. Any second now you’re partner will say, get your fly out of there, those fish are too big! But the fly lands and you remember not to strip until the fish get close (which is miraculous since you would be hard pressed to remember your name if someone were to pick this particularly unfortunate moment to ask). Then the unbelievable happens: the lead fish puts on the brakes and slowly turns, giving the fly a wide birth. The rest of them follow, scarcely giving your precious fly so much as a glance.

Go check it out.

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