Lesser Crimes Against Fly Fishing And Humanity

Nantucket Reds

Meatloaf (the singer)

Flies bought at Wal-Mart.

Species Dissing

Trolling (flies only. Trolling smokers for pelagics is good. Real good.)


Fishing in car commercials.

Fishing in beer commercials.

Fishing in enlarged prostate medication commercials.

Keeping score out loud.

Using “fishing” and “zen” in the same sentence.

Chain link fences.

12 thoughts on “Lesser Crimes Against Fly Fishing And Humanity”

  1. I was wearing my new red shirt from Nantucket and listening to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and bought some flies from Walmart, but not to fish for smelly old carp, eww. I was going to troll them with some Dr Juice for some commercials I was shooting for Chevy, Bud Light and Propecia. I yelled out that I had caught 6 and was really feeling the zen of this fishing trip as I came to my fence.

  2. Pimpin’ Out Every. Single. Fish. for Fish Porn.

    my screen’s glow:
    the parted water frozen
    to the rigid fin

    I might keep lookin’ but it still makes me sick.

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