Tools of Death and Destruction

singlebarbed knuckleshiv
The Singlebarbed Knuckle Shiv.

I got a package last week in a plain brown wrapper that tripped off the house metal detector. I opened it anyway.

What is it? Prison shiv? Brass knuckles for  training as a cage fighter?

It’s fly tying paraphernalia from the dangerous mind of Keith Barton.


Instructions for the proper way to wear, use and buy the sixth finger scissor found here.

7 thoughts on “Tools of Death and Destruction”

  1. @ roughfisher. I did the same thing with Gracie’s flies.

    @kbarton. What’s formal dining? I did link to your proper use instructions lest readers be mislead by my visual.

    @MG Bridgehampton Polo = Thug Life.

  2. I mistakenly perceived that fur on your arm as a sick new sleeve of tattoos. I thought to myself, “Damn, Pete has really taken this indie-freelance thing to the next level.”

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