3 thoughts on “Striper Communiqué”

  1. I was in Montauk for five days last week and all I saw was blues.I must admit I only fished at dawn and dusk and not through the night.
    What’s that about work and a bad day fishing?

  2. I have put a few hooks in my hands and fingers. It’s amazing what we will live with just so we can keep on fishing. 🙂

    It’s awesome when you get a day of fishing that wears you out so much. I get like that a lot when we go chain pickerel fishing. They can be so active at times you can hardly make a cast that hits the water before they already smack it.

    I have never caught striper here but I am planning to get into some next season. I also want to get a few musky as well. Then I am sure I will really know what exhaustion is.

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