2 thoughts on “Save North Umpqua Wild Steelhead”

  1. Thanks for running this. Two comments…

    1. I’m just the head web nerd, standing on the shoulders of guys like Frank Moore, Jim Van Loan, Peter Tronquet, Bill Bakke, Pat McRae, Land a whole host of other people who’ve been fighting for this river for decades.

    2. I don’t know what it’s like in other states, since I didn’t get into conservation activism until I got to Oregon, but it’s just insane to me that

  2. … It’s insane to me that the biggest fights to save wild fish in the most pristine places often boils down to conservationists versus fisheries management. The very people tasked with protecting the wild fish stocks we have left are often the biggest obstacle.

    There are a lot of macro issues affecting huge swaths of fish habitat, like floodplain development and hydro-power, but there are a lot of problems we CAN do something about, because we’re causing them.

    Unfortunately, cash-strapped state fish and game departments like ODFW equate hatcheries and harvest with promoting license sales and protecting the agency, while doing very little to protect the wild populations circling the drain.

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